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I have severe right sided pain ( appendix are out) Completky different from my normal endo pain. I saw my go on Friday who has dealt with my case from diagnosis and she was even shocked how tender I was, she put me on tramadol and has referred me to gynae, I have a scan 28th of the month.

Tonight the pain is horrible, I feel sick, faint and generally unwell.

My partner wants me to go to out of hours doctors to be seen, however I know I will be sent away and told there's nothing wrong.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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Hi kayjayne

How are you this morning? I would have followed your partners advice. This was how my pain first started on every right side and the thought I had kidney stones or gall stones Hunni though ultrasound showed cysts on right ovary. And then had ct scan to which consultant came saying this is a gynaecology matter looks like you have endometriosis. Though still waiting for appointment and although they have started me on the pill the pain has somewhat eased thought my mood swings are horrendous 😢😘😱xxxxxxx


I'm very sore, hardly slept last night and feel very sickly. Stupidly gone to uni :( don't know what to do, I don't want to see s doctor and be sent away. The tramadol is doing nothing


Is it worth you calling doctor for an emergency appointment for today Hunni, be firm with the tell them everything you've suffered this weekend also tell them the tramadol is doing nothing get them to check your urine for uti as this can also cause horrendous pains. Tell them it's affected everything you try to do. Go home from uni as you feeling so ill. They may be good and give you a different antibiotic the changed me to dihydrocodene for a few weeks then when it stopped working as well as it had the put me back to anti sickness tablets, movical, buscopan, tramadol, diclofenic, paracetomal and diazepam as I had serve spasms going down my bum and leg to my knee. Good luck and go phone them xxxxxxxx


Thanks I have had my urine tested that's al fine and dandy. Feeling really faint and lacking energy.

Just been to pick up my referral form to gynae and they haven't got it. They are just a waste of time


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