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So today I have had severe pain in my right side to the point it was shooting up my body and pushed me to tears as well as stopping me from walking.

I am seeing my GP today and she says she is going to refer me back to gynae, however we all know how long that takes.

Anyone any advice how I can be seen quicker?

I can't cope with this pain it's completely different to my regular endo pain.

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As I wait for my surgery in January, and I've exhausted all treatments of hormones via birth control for pain...the best thing that helps me is taking ibuprofen. Some days I actually feel sick, and then sharp shooting pains, the whole deal. I found out I had endo when I had my gall bladder out last year...they wanted to to do a hystorectomy immediately.


If you want to be seen faster go private. Its the only other option. I am in northern ireland and my private gyne appointment cost £100 and that included a transvaginal ultrasound.


The length of time I takes to be seen is ridiculous is it. I had scan on 15th of September was told I'd get repeat scan 6 weeks later to see if cyst had changed in any way. Should have 27th October no appointment through and was also referred as emergency to gynaecology on the 15th as of constant pin and suspected endo still waiting two admissions to hospital various gp and out of hour doctor trips and 22 painkillers a day and still no appointment despite gp chasing it up. Sorry you having such a hard time Hun and good luck with your appointment hope you don't have to long to wait sorry wish I knew a quicker way. I was told if pain relief didn't work I'd be admitted to gynaecology though when I went back it was a different doc and was told to persevere with painkillers: I'm now 3 weeks into pill which they want me to be on for 3 months and my mood swings are horrendous and all I do is cry 😡😢 xxxx


I was the same on the pill, I cried at everything, I'm 24 and my mum told me to get off it because she couldn't see me the way I was. I struggle with hormones so the pill, patch etc are doing nothing for me if anything they make me worse. I am in agony now on tramadol and I just feel rubbish. I have been referred back to gynaecologist but I know it will be months till I'm seen.

I am currently on my settee crying in pain but don't want to go hospital or walk in centre as i know they will send me away

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Shame kayjayne, I feel for you really I do, horrendous what we have to do through, I'm on tramadol, diclofenic, paracetomal combination it doesn't work great though it does dull the pain, I also have diazepam for the spasms I was getting. Have you managed a number two? I was servely constipated with the tramadol I was in agony so got movical took 6 sachets in 1 litre of water over 6 hours to completely empty bowels doctor advices this. Eased pain for a little while, have you every tried a tens machine for the pain they often work wonders Hunni, I was told they wouldn't give me morphine due to my age which I'm 34 and found strange. Anytime you need a chat I'm here for you xxxxx


Thank you, bowels are fine. Just horrendous pain in my right side ( had appendix out ) it's so sharp and tender I can't even lie on my side. Iv taken tramadol I might as well of had a smartie. Just don't know what to do, do I sit it out or do I try my look at out of hours gp and see if s gynae will see me, something is going on as this isn't my normal endo pain.


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