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Booked another GP appt

So I picked the phone up today and asked for a female doctor this time. Hopefully I can get reffered or at least answers. I find that when I bring up I've searched online they don't take it seriously. But I don't think they'll even suggest edom.

I think by having a female they might understand the female body a bit more than a male. Wish me luck

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Good luck, I think it's luck of the draw, male or female,

Some understand and some don't, or don't care



I don't really think it matters if it's make or female, a lot of doctors don't know enough about endo and therefore don't refer us to the right people. Also, there's always going to be doctors who think we're overreacting and can't deal with "normal" period pain!


My symptoms aren't bad period pains, that's probably number 3 or 4 down my list. My worst symptom is lower back pain, ovary pain pelvic pain, twinges & sharp pains in groin and then only recently bad periods :/


I felt the same when I went to the GP last time. Instead of mentioning I'd done research online, I just said that I'd noticed a change in my symptoms and listed them and the doctor mentioned endo straight away without me having to say anything. It's the best way because you're right they get all funny with the mention of the Internet!


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