due my second lap op in few weeks , my bowel is attached to my whom .. anyone else have this?

hi all this is my second lap op im going for in next few weeks , i was diagnosed in 2005 was a guinea pig for many years and nothing worked :-( so dont waste your time ladies just go straight for the operation !! ... my bowel is attached to my whom due to endro. 2 years ago was my last op and i wouldn't let them detach it as i was too scared and worried i would end up with a stoma bag but i cant go on like this any longer so i have plucked up the courage and im now letting them do it ...eekkkk !!! .... has anyone else had this operation done? also does anyone have endro and has had a baby ? ... look forward to hearing from someone soon ...thankyou for reading .... if anyone has any questions plz ask i will try my best to answer them for you x

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  • I had a baby two years ago he was born by emergency c section and I waited nearly two years to be dignosed I had a lap this year and found that my bowel was glued to my womb with scarred tissue I had endo in my womb Iv been ok but had a few flair ups but no had one for a month so fingers crossed xx

  • Hi - can I just check your lap is being done in a specialist endo centre as required by NHS regulations. You have recovaginal endo - please click my profile and read my posts on rectovaginal endo and how to check you are being dealt with a fully trained specialist. x

  • hi - im having it done in Birmingham's woman hospital ... thanks for replying to my post hun i will take a look at ur profile thanks hun xx

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