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Endo pain

Hi just wanting some advice please. Ive recently been diagnosed with endo after over 10 years of back and pevic pain. During that time the doctors have given me various diagnosis despite me telling them that 16 years ago when I was sterilised that the consultant told me afterwards that he had found endo during the op. I have recently (during 1 of my many hospital admissions with severe pain been told by gynae that the pain is indeed related to endo and that I also had extensive adhesions. As Ive not had a laparoscopy for 16 years I have no idea what my insides are like. So about a month ago I started on the mini pill around the time of ovulation and have had severe pain for the last couple of weeks which started to subside yesterday. My period would have been and gone about 2 weeks ago without the mini pill. I have started my period today. My question is. Is it common for pain to subside when period starts as I thought it was the internal bleeding that causes the pain

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