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Advice and reassurance

Good morning

Just looking for some advice and reassurance. I had a variety of symptoms for about two years, ranging from severe pain to my left lower side, flu like symptoms, lethargy, poor skin and hair thining, irregular periods which have always been heavy and painful. My GP has been sending me for scans every few weeks, I was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst, to having cysts on my ovaries then after a inter vaginal scan they found fluid in my left Fallopian tube. I was eventually sent for a MRI were I had been diagnosed with numerous endo cysts on both overies and raised analyse levels in my blood. I have a laparoscopy on the 10th November were they are planning a lot of surgical procedure ( there words which is vague) has anyone had similar issues. Reassurance and advice would be grately appreciated


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It is always a very anxious time to wait for surgery. I stood in your shoes last year and i was very scared.

You just have to go through it and literally get on with it. They will have to look what they can find inside.

Endo can't be diagnosed by scan, they have to get a look what is happening inside. Cysts are visible on scans, so now they have to see if anything else is going on.

I wish you good luck with your op. Hope it will be all ok.



Thanks Naomi, I will let you know the outcome 😀

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