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Afternoon Ladies, hope your all feeling the best you can.

Just wanting a bit of advice really. I was diagnosed with Endo last July after having a Laparoscopy, I also have PCOS. I then had a course of 6 Zoledex injections which worked wonders. My consultant put me on Microgynon, then decided to leave me nearly a year before going back to see him. For the past few months I am in considerable pain everyday, I don't have periods so it never dies down. My company provide private medical insurance so I have decided to use it. I am going in for a 2nd Laparoscopy in 2 weeks, However I am wanting everything taking away, I don't want children! How do I make my consultant understand this is what I want? I am 30 years old single lady with an amazing job. I want the pain to go away so I can do the job like I know I can!

I sympathise with all you lovely ladies suffering with this terrible illness! :)

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you cant convince them because they are ignorant of what this disease does to us and because they're doctors and they think they know best.my gp at first told me it was womans prob and basically told me to get on with it.it took me being amnemic and constantly bleedings for weeks at a time and the fact I told him I wasn't leaving his room until he got me gynaecologist app and he did.had emergency app as was bleeding for 6 weeks.he was brilliant told me had endo but needed laporoscopy for records.luckily I had my kids young because no treatment worked for me I had full hysterectomy.but I know in extreme cases they will and hopefully you will be lucky and get the gynea and I sympathise with ur pain x


If you can, try to see Mr English in Brighton. He works privately as well as NHS. I don't know about the historectomy but He has been amazing for me!


Every op, including laps cause more scar tissue which really doesn't help. Depending on whether your endo has caused damage to your bowel or bladder makes any op difficult with a risk of damage to those organs so be clear about the risks before agreeing.

I chose not to have children, and have been on zoladex with HRT for 15 years. More recently I've been put on the coil and pill in addition as things were changing, I've now got fibroids as well. My consultant, and he has been with me since diagnosis, wants to keep me away from surgery for as long as possible due to the risks in my case.

Last year I was of the same mind, but now things have settled down I'm happy I didn't have surgery.

Good luck with the appointment, hope you get the support you need.


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