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Endo back after only 11months

Had a lap to remove endo 11 months ago and mirena fitted. after 3 months the pains were back, surgeon told me he thought it was scar tissue so had another lap 4 weeks ago. No scar tissue but he found endo in 5 places. Hadn't booked enough time in theatre to remove it as he wasn't expecting it to back so sent home and back on waiting list now to have it removed.

I thought the mirena was supposed to slow it down

How quickly has endo returned for others?

I'm worried now cos I can't be having a lap every year and if im only going to be pain free for a few months I beginning to wonder if it's worth having the op at all but if I don't wills the pain get more aggressive over time. Any advice of anyone had anything similar

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I feel your pain. I had an operation involving excision July last year and have had my mirena coil since January last year and the last few weeks I have been ill again with Endo symptoms which I experienced before.

I have been referred back to my specialist so currently waiting to see him!

I feel the same, I thought after an operation it would be at ease for at least 5 - 8 years.




Hey! Unfortunately this is very common. My pain didn't even go away after my lap which was over a year ago, in may this year I was put on a 12 month waiting list for more surgery and they aren't doing anything to help me in the mean-time! Its really frustrating, you should speak to your endo doctor about more 'drastic' treatment, having a mirena and yearly laps to slow down or remove endo isn't necessarily going to help. I'm going to have excision surgery which works for 80-90% of patients in relieving endo symptoms. Perhaps do some online research of different types of treatment that may be best for you as you said, yearly laps isn't a very nice thought!


Hi, I had my first lap to excise endo in August 2012 and again in April 2014 pain was back within 6 months and waited for my 3rd in March 2015 all 3 times had severe endo which had to be removed. Had a more a fitted after second op which never helped much of I'm honest. since having my third of I was back in pain within weeks of having it done and I keep getting pushed around saying there's nothing more that can be done. I'm in agony now and have no idea what to do :( I horrible not knowing what to do and knowing it'll always come back no matter how many ops we have


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