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More cysts?

Hi all,

I had a lap in February this year to remove an endometrioma on my ovary and laser the endo elsewhere. I've had the normal endo pain from time to time over that time, but in the last month or two I've started getting the same stabbing pain I was before with my cyst, exactly where my cyst was last time...

Is it really possible that I could already have another cyst? I wouldn't have thought I could already have another one!

I've got a doctors appt next week to get checked but praying I'm just being a wuss this time!


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I got diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary in June 2014, had a laparoscopy in August 2014 (for diagnosis of severe endo too). In March 2015 after a miscarriage I had exactly the pains I had when I had the cyst. I pushed for more scans and they found a cyst the same size as the first one on my left ovary again. It had taken 7 months to reach the same size again.

I'm really sorry that my reply isn't positive but I guess they can return, and quickly. I was devastated but have decided to do nothing (pain management that in not doing very well) as the consultant said if they removed it again it would just come back. I still ovulate monthly though so until that's effected I don't think they'll do much more.

Good luck, it might be nothing... Although you'll know your own body better than anyone.



Thanks for your reply... Think I know that the pain is far too similar... Just never expected to have a problem so quickly.... Will hope for the best until I know better though! X


Hi had lap beginning of July and was diagnosed with severe endo and adeno. They drained an 11cm endometrioma on left overs . So now three months on getting same pain as before but now I have to pee every hour. Dr has referred me for emergency ultra sound so just have to wait now. Good luck with dr app.


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