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Not sure if anyone seen my last posts about pain medicine.

Any advice on medication would be really appreciated. I'm weaning off gabapentin and can now feel the pain again which is intense. and nothing is touching it.

I forgot how bad I was when I was on the gabapentin.

I'm meant to be traveling this week so I'm desperately trying to get the pain at bay.


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  • I just recently started Gabapentin. Is there a reason you are weaning yourself off of it?

  • It worked wonders. I can see that more now.

    It was effecteing my memory a lot. It was effecting work and my emplyers patience was running out.

    I also gained weight fast while I was on it. And my blood pressure was up and down.

    I'm in 24/7 pain so It was good for that. I felt very little pain. It was the swelling/bloating that was the discomforting thing.

  • The only thing my doctor prescribed was Voltaren (diclofenac) and it didn't help at all. I don't like to take meds but the pain is so awful I'll be asking for something else after my lap Thursday. Otherwise I've tried usual Advil, Tylenol, naproxen - nothing helps. Hopefully someone else has some suggestions - I'll be following this!

  • I'm on Perocet 10 and it works wonders. I can take 4 a day and if you want to stay pain free you need it, you just got to make sure you take it every 6 hours or the pain will creep back in. I am scheduled for a hysterectomy next week to see if this will take the pain away. I had the Novasure- endometrial ablation almost 4 months ago and have been in severe pain since.I hope this helps!

  • I'm on tramadol paracetamol nefopam and ibuprofen but they don't seem to touch my pain at all xx

  • I'm on co-codamol and that takes the edge off most of the time. It's a codein paracetamol mix.

  • I'm currently taking tramodol and strong anti inflammatories. But I found that once I've been taking a pain killer for a couple of couple I almost become immune to it, so I have to get prescribed something stronger, or maybe it's my endo getting worse. Try and stay positive ladies :) x

  • Tramadol doesn't do anything for me, I'm taking diclofenac 75mg and cocodimol 30/500 and I have a wheat bag on me all day. Hardly touching the pain. Each step I take it feel like someone twisting a knife in both ovarys. 3.5 weeks before I can see a Dr and up to 6 month before my emergency referal to a new gynaecologist. Maybe get to see a bowel specialist before that but that's only to see if the pain is coming from there as well.

  • I'm on a Butrans patch 24/7 (type of morphine), the pain came back after a few months on it but it does help overall!

  • Do you mind me asking if you (like me) have struggled to control pain relief medication? Only asking as u said ur pain returned after a few months. I start a new medication that works for a couple of months then I almost become immune to it.

  • Yes, I've taken almost every type of painkiller available from the doctors (and have since become allergic to anti-inflammatories) so there isn't much I can take for the pain. I'm on the lowest mg of it (5mg) as when I tried to up to 10mg I became toxic. when you've been taking a lot of painkillers for a long time the effects do start to wear off as you become more used to them!

  • Have you found any medication that eases the pain on a long term basis..?

  • The gabapentin worked well for the pain but it gave me the memory of a 90 year old women. And I was gaining weight quickly. It was effecting my work so Thats why I came off it. Today is the first day without taking any at all. The pain is horrific now. Went to a dr tonight and they said they can't help.

  • Hey.

    I feel like on my worst days nothing really helps the pain. But on the days where the pain is a little bit more manageable for me a mixture of 2 50mg Tramadol and 1 500mg Mefanemic Acid as well as a hot water bottle or a heat patch do give me SOME relief. It may be worth a try if you haven't tried those combined together? If not I haven't found anything that works for me either! Sorry!

    I hope you find some relief!

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