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Do fertility drugs increase endometriosis pain?

Hi all,

My partner and I have been referred to our local hospital for IUI however after our consultation I am feeling really down and confused. The consultant basically told us to try artificial insemination at home (which I don't want to do as I think it will affect our already crappy sex life due to the clinicalness of it all), the reason for this is that she says the drugs used for IUI to promote ovulation and increase fertility chances make Endo really bed...she says that I will be in so much pain having these drugs for 4 cycles (that's all we can have) that I will not be able to cope, wont be able to work and she said "why would you put your body though that?" (ermmmm....to have a baby?!)

I really don't want to go straight to IVF as then we only have that 1 chance.

Has anyone with continual endo pain (mines is daily and I am on Morphine, Fentanyl, diclofenac and tramadol) had any experience of these drugs and were they positive or negative...I just don't fully believe her saying that I will DEFINATELY be in all that pain so looking for some real life experiences.

Sorry if I have rambled just wanted to get this question out there before I changed my mind as part of me doesn't want to know in case it is bad news...but I really want to hear the truth.

Thank you ladies.

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I haven't done this, but I would think yes it would cause pain. You are amping up your eggs and hormones to try and have the baby, so in turn it would amp up the pain in your endo spots.

I tend to have daily pain (although since my hyster, I have had less daily pain. I can't take morphine as it makes me puke nonstop even with all the antinausea meds they can give me. I can kinda tolerate diuladid (same family as morphine) but I still get really sick. Other then that all I can take is ibuprofen (especially if I have to work) because I am allergic to tylonal based products.


Hi Danii

Yes in my experience fertility drugs will make your endo worse but the idea is that you want to have a baby so I don't see how you've got much choice. IUI was never an option for us- we went straight to IVF. I wasn't in pain during the cycle at all because I down regulated with buserelin and then started stimming. It was a failed cycle and the bad pain came 2 months later with the arrival of a big endometrioma, most probably caused by the stimulating drugs. I had it surgically removed and then did another cycle 2 months later which worked but during my pregnancy I had terrible adhesion pain for the first and second trimesters until one day I think they just snapped and it was gone!

My pain is very good st the moment. Better quality of life than for a good few years and I have my son so for me it was all worth it but that's a decision only you and your partner can make. I think you just need to be prepared for if pregnancy doesn't occur after each cycle then you may have an increase in your pain. Your consultant doesn't really sound that empathetic though!!!! Hope this helps and good luck x


I should have said that prior to that first cycle I was in pain everyday and on tons of painkillers but the down regulating drugs took the edge of for a while- until it came back with a vengeance.


yes, the drugs will thicken up your endometrium including your endometriosis, and do increase pain.

I discussed things with the clinic and due to the severity of my endo and the very low chance of an iui actually working ( success rates low anyway , and i had tubal problems due to endo and adhesion ) we decided not to do it and went straight to ivf. I did get pregnant first cycle but had a miscarriage. ( i do now have children thanks to de treatment abroad ).

i would say look at where your endo is. If you have endo which affects your tubes eg adhesions or endometriomas i would consider whether it is worth doing iui. if you have endo on ovaries it will grow with hormones and could also reduce further your ovarian reserve.

Good luck deciding.


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