Can anyone explain the pain I am experiencing?


I really need an explanation for this and I feel like maybe someone else has experienced it. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in the past and I also had surgery to remove ovarian adhesions, that was 3 years ago. This past year things have been somewhat good for me, no bad flare ups and periods have been ok. For the past 2 months my periods have been excruciatingly painful, like worse than I can ever remember and I even passed out once because of the pain so my gp sent me for a scan which is this Thursday. This month my period was almost a week late, and really painful, with nausea and dizziness. Now for the past 3 days I have noticed a weird pain in my pelvis, feels like it is bruised all over, especially when I cough, laugh or bend. It is also quite swollen and when I tried to press down on it to pinpoint the pain I noticed that one point in my left side is extremely painful to the touch, like if I press gently I'll flinch. Has anyone experienced this? I don't want to go to my gp as my scan is on Thursday and I know the doctor will just tell me to wait for the result, any help would be much appreciated as I am getting worried as each day goes by. Also does anyone know how to treat the pain? I'm taking pain killers but hot water bottle is out of the question as I had a bad experience with it (2nd degree burns). Also I left my heat pad back at my family's house when I moved out.

Thank you so much xxxx

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  • Hello! I recently had this, it feels so tender to touch, like you've done a 1000 sit ups? Mine came and went over 2 weeks and hasn't happened again, but it was around the time of my period. I have an appointment tomorrow so I shall ask and let you know the outcome :) hope this helps, you're not alone in this feeling, it panicked me aswell, I didn't do anything to treat it though so can't help there sorry xx

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for your reply! That's exactly how it felt! Can I ask how the appointment went? The pain is gone now thankfully, but I still feel the need to know what it was :(. xx

  • I'm glad it has gone for you! She said she didn't want to say what caused it until she went in. Not the answer I wanted but I respect she wouldn't say what it was without doing the surgery. but she didn't seem concerned by it, which is good I suppose! Sorry not much help! Xx if it helps, I have stage 4, with it on the bowel and bladder, could be the cause xx

  • oh ok, thanks so much. I was stage 2 last time they took a look in, but it was 2 years ago. I should get my ultrasound results this week, so I'll let you know if they show what caused it. Good luck with surgery x

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