Indegestion ???

This is going to sound strange. So bear with me. Lol. I have endo and just finished a 6 month course of zoladex. Which sort of worked. But now I have finished my course all my pain is back. I am really suffering with indesgtion (never had it before) and horrible bloating plus when ever I bend over I get horible stomach cramps. I'm wondering if my endo has spread or am i getting paranoid. ??

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  • Lol, you're not mad, I get terrible indigestion with my endo. Never even took a rennie all my life until the endo started!

  • P.S. I would suggest that probably the zoladex didn't actually work!

  • Thanks for the reply. Nah zoladex only worked for 2 weeks of the month. Grr. At least I'm not going mad. Lol.x

  • My endo causes horrific bloating so I'm now on a low fibre diet as the endo is either in or blocking my bowel! It's helped loads....still have bowel problems.....including diaorehaa (can't spell) today!! Hate this condition and wish it was diagnosed earlier when I went to the gp

  • I suffer from terrible heartburn when I'm on my period. I've had to add Gaviscon to the many other pills and potions I have to take to make my life easier with endo. Ginger tea also helps to relive the discomfort x

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