Could this be endo

Hi I went the doctors last week because my period was very heavy and was getting the symptoms of endometriosis he check me over and told he couldn't see anything and gave some mere amid acid to try. I have been getting the symptoms every time I came on my period for about 5 months now but this time it's lasted longer and itches and very painful, could this be endometriosis as I the look up the symptoms but it doesn't say anything about itching could anyone help as its driving me mad .xx

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  • This doesnt sound like endo.

    I never experienced itchiness, but of course everyone is different. To see endo you need to hace a keyhole surgery and GP's are not able to diagnose you just like that, because there could be so many things going on there.

    I would ask for a swap for the itchiness, maybe you got an infection? And do ypu experience any other symptoms except heavy periods?


  • I also get most of the symptoms of endo

  • Ok, just go back to Gp and explain what is going on and ask if you can see a gynacologist as well. I wish you all the best and i hope it will get sorted for you!!


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