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Painful Legs

Hello lovely ladies,

I often get the most horrible pains in my legs that almost feels like trapped nerves or my circulation is being cut off. My legs feel like pins and needles are just coming on and there nothing I can do to get rid of it. It's so uncomfortable and I've had many sleepless nights because of it. My doctor hasn't been able to suggest anything so hoping someone else may have experienced this and can explain maybe why or at least what they do to get rid of it.

Thank you in advance!

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My pain travels from where my ovaries used to be to the top of my legs (particularly where they join the pelvis); not much to be done though the physio has taught me some good breathing techniques - yes I was sceptical at first too - which do work. In essence, you breathe in deeply through your nose for about 5 counts then breathe out through your mouth for 7 counts (making sure you breathe out more than you breathe in for some reason).

It does something to your brain stimuli (can't remember the technical term) and it does help - although to be fair, so do strong painkillers....

I think the pain in the legs (if it's similar to mine) is just gravitational - the pain spreads simply because of sensitivity....not sure if that makes sense.

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It might be something else completely unrelated to endo. Hop over to the pernicious anemia site and take a look. You could very well be b12 deficient. The reason i know this is because i was diagnosed after pins/needles burning legs.

Good luck with a diagnosis


This is amazing thank you very much, I've just git some B12 and really hoping it makes a difference. Thank you again!


I hope it works for you, but if you have any other problems/symptoms do go to your gp first for a blood test because any b12 suppliment can affect a true reading of b12 deficiency.

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