Really confused

Hi. I am waiting for date of laparoscopy. Could anyone give me timescales from being referred to having their laparoscopy please as hospital not helping..

I finally got to see an endo specialist in July after moving from Leeds so new to the hospital. I was told it would be Oct time. However haven't heard anything and keep ringing but have now been told it may be the New Year. Really won't be able to cope until then. Any help would be appreciated x

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  • Mine was really quick - I saw one of the endo team in July, was told to expect about a 3 month wait, but was called four weeks later to say there was a space on August 23rd. All in all it was about six weeks. I'm in Newcastle though, waiting times will vary a lot across the country. I'm really sorry they're not being clear with you, it's so hard to wait when you're in pain x

  • Thanks for that info. Yes it took over a year see to the specialist... x

  • Hi, I've just been referred for a lap and my specialist at the fertility clinic in Oxford told me 10 weeks til an appointment to discuss the procedure with a surgeon at the hospital then the procedure would be 2 weeks after that. I think it really depends on your area. Where are you based? Xx

  • Chester.

  • Saw consultant at endo centre for first time on Aug 4th. He got his diary out and booked me for Nov 16h pending scans and info from previous Drs. I'm back next week for a review of my pain diary and scans and to firm things up.

  • Thanks for that. I'm glad you haven't had to wait long. I really don't understand why they can't give me a time scale for mine?

  • Hello there I've been waiting since march I was told they usually do the lists a month in advance I still have no date just have to be patient I suppose it's hard though I know

  • That's such a long time. I'm so sorry. The more time i spend on here I realise how many girls have it and what a horrible time people have.

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