Prostap and Pregnancy!! Urgent advice needed!

I'm currently on Prostap. But I'm becoming increasingly worried I'm pregnant. Amongst symptoms like sore breasts, sickness, fatigue, increased sense of smell, I also have the 'feeling'. Having been pregnant twice before I usually trust my instincts. However I've done two pregnancy test and one came back inconclusive and the other showed a line on the test bit but then after the 3 minutes the line disappeared. I've looked online and the prostap can cause a false reading on a pregnancy test. I also read that prostap is highly dangerous for me and the baby if there is one. After a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy I'm really scared of a bad outcome so reluctant to go to the doctors if not needed.. Anyone else experienced pregnancy symptoms on prostap? I know it makes you go through menopause but my hot flushes and other symptoms have stopped since the new ones arrived. I'm extremely confused and worried. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hey, I had bigger boobs on prostap and felt distinctly different although not my personal ' the feeling'. Nausea and fatigue are totally normal on prostap too as it zaps your get up and go! If you're a few months into the treatment and menopause symptoms are subsiding it could be this is it starting to work for you and how your body feels on prostap. Go to the gp, tell them about your anxieties, esp using the preg tests - get them to do a blood test for reassurance xx

I used prostap SR years ago for treating endo and found I too had very similar symptoms to pregnancy; I would STRONGLY urge you to go the GP and get a blood test as if you are pregnant, it would be advisable to stop taking the drug. Blood tests are the most reliable way of determining pregnancy....

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