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Periods returning after Zoladex and HRT

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can tell me their experience so as to reassure me! I had 3 months of Zoladex injections (monthly ones) and my last injection was nearly 7 weeks ago at which point I also had excision surgery for stage 4 recto-vaginal endo, endometriomas, nodules on uterosacral ligaments, endo on bladder and elsewhere in pelvic area. Hot flushes became unbearable after the op so was put on hrt. I haven't had a period yet.

My 1st question is, is it possible to have a period while on hrt?

And secondly, how long has it taken for you to have a period after stopping Zoladex?

Many thanks ladies!

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Hi, I asked the same question on the facebook page endometropolis yesterday, got quite a few answers which gave me an average of about 2-3 months before your period is likely to return. If u have a look on there, my post is under Laura Baster xxx

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Thanks Laura, must have missed ur post there! x


No worries xxx


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