Laparoscopy diagnosis healthy : confused

Hi I recently had a laparoscopy on monday to identify causes of my pelvic pain...extremely painful periods, pain when having sex, and random 'pulling' pains in my pelvic region. My lap diagnosed a healthy uterus with no sign of endometriosis. Although I feel really grateful that i have a healthy uterus and realize that this is the best outcome as i should be fine conceiving, I also feel quite confused as to why i get this much pain. I had a cyst on my left ovary last year however that healed but the Dr thought I might have endo as the exam was extremely painful. I am also on the brink of fainting when i have a smear test. (lol)

Wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what did they do next? I cant go on living with this pain as its starting to affect my relationship. I am already on the pill (since the age of 16 due to heavy periods) and i have also tried the injection which stops periods, which did help but it didn't resolve the sex pain or random pulling pains.

Thank you :)

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  • I am in exactly the same situation as you, I had a laparoscopy which came back normal back in July. I am waiting for my 3 month check up with gynae post surgery to see what they suggest. I had the coil put in, but I have had pain stil and sex isn't as painfull just find it abit uncomfortable which is affecting our relationship.

  • Hi bex thanks for your reply. It will be interesting to see what the gynae suggests next. I know all they're going to suggest to me is a mirena but I really don't want one. I have been reading and my symptoms seem similar to adenomyosis.

  • Ask for a pelvic MRI. Have they checked for Adenomyosis?

  • They haven't checked for adenomyosis that I know of. Would they have seen any signs of it in the lap? When I have my 6 week check I think I will ask for an MRI. I've read about it and I think it's a definate possibility.

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