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Crippling pain!!

Hi all

I have been in rally bad pain since the 12th August I am currently in hospital for pain relief. Does anyone else have constant pain with endometriosis? I saw the gynaecologist this morning and she's basically said it can't be my endometriosis as I'd onlynhave pain at certain times of my cycle which is never th case for me.

I can't cope with not getting the help I need and am fed up of hormone/pain treatments that aren't doing anything. Anyone have any advice?

Thank you


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I had a lap 2 months ago for my endo but they left what's on my bowel for another operation. I have pain most days and it's not the same pain all the time. Some days it's aches or stabbing other times its like my lower back is going to break. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

I don't think doctors really understand sometimes there are many people on this forum who experience pain everyday from endo, but it becomes worse and ovulation and periods. I hope you get help soon x

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Thank you. I feel like a lot of the time they think I am making up how bad the pain can be. It's so frustrating that you kind of get judged for not following a text book answer for an illness.

Fingers crossed they will start to pay attention otherwise il ne getting a loan for private treatment!

Ive had 3 laps already with laser and they said its on my bladder but they can't do anything (and I quote 'till it gets worse') my quality of life is pretty much non existent!

Let's see what day 4 of hospital brings. More than morphine I hope!!



Hi - the gynae is wrong as many women get pain all the time which might worsen at period time. It depends on how long the endo has been there and how severe it is. As fibrous adhesions (scar tissue) form these can pull on pelvic structures causing pain all the time and you can have nodules pressing on nerves. What are your symptoms across your cycle?


I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. I had constant pain for 20 months. Felt like I was going mad. In the end I was on morphine patches and lots of tramadol. I was also told that it can't be endo as my pain was constant. Fast forward to now. I've had a fill hysterectomy. Endo found and right ovary adhered to pelvic wall. You know your body and pain I'd usually cyclical to start but after many months or years this often doesn't apply. Fingers crossed for you x


It gets a lot worse around my period but it never goes away :( is time is come well before my period and stayed put. I can't live like this it's awful but because hey can't see/feel it I'm being fobbed off.

At 26 they have said I'm too young for a hysterectomy as it will cause my bones to become brittle but surely it's got to be better than this!!

Thanks for your support it's good to know you're not alone x


Hi - where was endo found at you previous laps besides the bladder and what pains do you get?


Hi that's not true I've suffered with Endo for a longtime and I get pain all the time, yes it's definitely much worse when it's time of the month but the few weeks I'm not on I still get pelvi pain, to the point where I can even feel pain when I'm ovulating which cripples me.


Thank you. I genuinely thought I was going mad for a minute, they make you question yourself which is not fair!!


Rubbish endo can flare up all through the month and besides you might have adhesions they can cause pain all the time. I am day 8 post surgery from having endo removed from my bladder and adhesions cut away from my bowel wall and my main pain each month is from my ovaries but they are nice and healthy as the consultant put it. You need a second opinion x


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