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Appointment finally... but nervous and confused

I have been suffering with pelvic/abdominal pain for a few years and following numerous visits to the GP in that time, I finally have an outpatient gynecology appointment for the 2nd November.

I'm a little nervous with what to expect at this appointment as its my first one and when I left the GP he said he was referring me and they will decide if they need to perform a lap.

All the letter asks is to take a list of my current medication and a small urine sample.

Would they have said in this letter about the appointment if they were going to perform a lap?

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Hello, my first appointment I had to provide a urine sample and I had an internal scan and a blood test. I then hot referred for an HSG dye test where they pump dye through your fallopian tubes and then after that I was referred for a lap. My lap was the last test given, they tried all other alternatives first.


The consultant gynaecologist will need to see you first before deciding if you need a laparoscopy so this is why your letter doesn't mention it. They will usually take an extensive gynae/medical history at the first consultation, ask you in depth questions about your symptoms and may decide to do an internal examination. They sometimes prescribe meds or hormone treatment to try. If symptoms warrant it, they will sometimes order scans like an ultrasound or MRI (this helps to check things and is useful if you do have a laparoscopy as it helps them to plan the operation).


The Gynaecologist will have a chat to you first. They may take bloods, do an examination and urine sample. He will then decide if you need a lap. They said this to me. But after a simple examination they needed an MRI scan instead initially. You will be fine. I hope your issues are resolved soon enough. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your replies! It has reassured me somewhat.

Is there anything I can do before hand or to take with me to help answer their questions?


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