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Advice desperately needed!

Hi everyone

This is my first post here and I'm just looking for some help and advice whilst I am waiting for my diagnosis.

I am 26 years old and have suffered with heavy periods all of my life. I have always had painful periods and they have been normal for me. Over the last year my pains have gotten incredibly worse sometimes to the point where I am crippled to my hands and knees just to try and cope with the pain. The pain is always deep in my abdomen on the right hand sand and is a searing intense pain. I have had an ultrasound and internal exam and have now been referred for a laproscopy.

I have my consultant referral in two weeks, is anyone able to tell me how long it takes to then have he op itself? The pain is ruining my life and I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The pain is exhausting and it brings my life to a standstill. It has gotten so bad that when my period arrives it hurts to sit down because of the pressure in my abdomen/bowel. I have to change my tampon every 1-2 hours to prevent embarrassing leaks and have recently even had to have a day off work which is unheard of me. I have never known anyone who has had this and whilst my friends and family are supportive they cannot relate.

Can anyone suggest any home remedies or tips for managing the pain until the docs can perform the op? Thanks in advance for any support/help!

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Hi, I'm 27 & had a lap back in March, was diagnosed with stage 3 endo & a cyst on my right ovary (I had the same symptoms as you!) I found that a hot water bottle is great for pain, i take afew ibroprofin as well, and if im still rolling around in pain 30 mins later then I scramble into a warm bath... Don't know why but heat seems to help. My lap was only 2 months after my ultrasound, so didn't have to wait too long. Everyone's differebt but I would book at least 2weeks off work for recovery, and if u have a physical job you will need another week I would imagine. Although I was abit uncomfortable and painful after the op, it's nothing in comparison to endo pain. Mine is also on my bowel and bladder, so I used to pass out after going for a poo from the pain!! Good luck with your op, hope it comes soon x

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Hot water bottles, baths and ibuprofen I will definitely try thank you. I have a feeling it is on my bowel too, hopefully the appt will be very soon. Thank you for your help!


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