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Advice and Support needed :(

Hi All, I have been getting pain in my Right side Ribs just before my Period is due and as soon as I start bleeding the pain travels around my back into my Kidney area, It Burns like hell, feels like there is something sticking out of my ribs, I feel tired constantly even after waking, Feel sick all the time, light headed. And once my period is out the way I have a few days I feel half normal then Boom ovulation pains and OMG it hurts, Feel like they are being ripped out.

I have had 2 ultrasounds = Normal

CT Scan = Normal

I was referred to a Gastroenterologist who said he was going to do a Barium Enema to see if there was evidence of Endo, but came back normal.

I have now been referred to a gynae still awaiting an appointment, My GP seems to think it is Endometriosis and said they may just do surgery or a MRI. Will a MRI show it?

Also I am just feeling very down as no pain relief is touching it and I am sick of feeling ill for 3 weeks out of 4.

Anybody else with similar symptoms?



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Hi, I sorry to hear you're suffering. I have endo on my right ureter (the pipe that leads from your kidney to your bladder) and I get pain in my right side where my rib cage is when I have my period and during ovulation. I also went through a stage of having recurring UTIs which made the pain so much worse.

Endo doesn't show up on an MRI. Or any other sort of scan or x-ray. The only way to confirm the presence of endo is a laparoscopy. It's a simple procedure and would give you an answer either way.

I'd see your GP and ask for a urine test for UTI.

Good luck xx



I suffer from a rare condition (rare because it isn't diagnosed easily) called Pelvic Congestion Syndrome - I get EXACTLY the same pain. I recently (as posted) had an MRI where they put a contrast dye, and it highlighted the problem on both sides (they originally thought it was just the left side) - I would deffo grab the opportunity too have an MRI with contrast dye as it shows ALOT of problems.


Hi there, Thanks for your reply. As soon as I get my appointment I will be asking as I have had all the other scans and tests. Thanks :)


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