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Zoladex injection timings

Hi everyone

My gynae has suggested I try zoladex injections so I booked up for one through my GP. Got an appointment for near the beginning of September but looked at my calendar since and realised that 28 days later (when the next injection is due ) I'm away in the west country. I'm therefore just wondering, do the injections have to be exactly 28 days apart, or is it OK to have one a bit early or slightly late? If I have to I'll move the appointment but it'll mean not starting the injections for another month and I really want to get going on them as soon as possible. Any advice much appreciated!


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If it's like Prostap, early isn't an issue (and it actually helps me to have them 25/26 days apart instead of 28. Having it late risks it all flaring up again, so it depends on whether your body immediately reverts to 'normal' after the 28 days.

I should warn you that if you are going away, you may wish to postpone starting the course anyway - you may find your symptoms get much worse before they get better.


Hi there , they have to be every 28 days , enjoy ur time here in the west country x



How much earlier would it be? I had mine a couple of days early, with no problems at all. 😊


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