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Has anyone conceived naturally after zoladex?

Hi everyone,

At my wits end AGAIN! Pain isn't budging after trying all sorts if things (herbal and also Oramorph). I'm due to see my consultant in September and I know the only two options are surgery (again) or zoladex / prostap, with add back therapy.

My fiancé is really against the idea of me having the injections, in case it could jeopardise our chance of having children.

And neither of us want surgery again... being put under GA every 12 months cannot be good for you, right?

So just wondering if anyone has had zoladex or prostap then tried to conceive?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Just don't know what to do for the best!

Thank you in advance.

Hol xx

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I have endo, diagnosed last May through diagnostic lap following a 6 month course of Zoladex. Had another lap May this year, and am currently nearly 3months preg with first baby! So yes, it's totally possible! Good luck x

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Hi crieff93, thank you for your reply!

Firstly congratulations!! It's nice to hear good news, it's normally gloom and doom because of our dreadful condition!

Hope you don't mind me asking some questions... Did zoladex suppress your symptoms? And did your consultant suggest a lap then zoladex?

Thanks in advance,

Hol x

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Thank you!

I don't mind at all! Zoladex helped symptoms but was by no means 100%. Had Zoladex from January 2014 and then lap May 2014. Finished Zoladex at the end of June 2014 and conceived less than a year later (wasn't trying!)

Good luck chick xx

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