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So fed up

I've been reading a lot of your posts, and I just wish I could help. I'm feeling so low the pain is unbarable my stomach is so swollen and my back is killing me I can hardly walk it's getting worse and worse each day. I can't cope with it. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me why my stomach has swollen and why one side is noticibly bigger than the other side? I'm sorry for groaning. Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

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I'm sorry you're feeling this way <hugsforyou> as you say, I wish I could help. Are you diagnosed? On treatment? I remember feeling how you describe before I was diagnosed, like no one understood or cared and I was going crazy because I kept being told there was nothing wrong. It's a really lonely place. I have found avoiding gluten really helps with the bloating - although not easy to do if hormonal - and heat on the back is the best thing for my back pain. I recently got a cheap TENS machine from Lloyds pharmacy that is quite good too. Above all, the best advice I can give you, I think, is allow yourself to feel rubbish. If your body isn't playing ball today, don't push it - slob out on the sofa and take care of you. I hope you feel better soon, and get some answers.


Hello, I'm sorry your feeling so low, and beleave me I no the feeling, your mind just wants to live life and your body just can't do it, it a flipping pain,

Have you been diagnosed, where is it and what stage are you, have you had a lap treatment medication, ect,

A lot of questions but depending on where you are with your journey will depend on what type of things the lovely ladies on here can help you with

My belly got very swollen towards to end, I say end because ive just had 4 weeks ago a hysterectomy for my adenomyosis, that's why mine got so big not really the endo,

I think if you have more endo on one side then that's where the inflammation would occur and therefor the swelling,

Please let us have a little back ground?

I hope you have a better day tomorrow xxx

Any questions just ask away,


Hi ty for the reply. Yes I was diagnosed in 2011 after having emergency surgery due to a ruptured cyst on my ovary which left me with 11inch scar going down my stomach. and I've had 5 laparoscomys, I have it on my bowel bladder spine and nerves. I'm using crutches to help walk as my feeling in my leg have completely gone. I have been taking oxycontin Gabapentin oxynorm mefanamic acid and since 2011. I've tried prostap and zoledex nothing helps. I had to have my right ovary and tube removed last time.

I'm confused as at 21 I was offered a hysterectomy but I said no as I was told just after my emergency surgery and was still out of it. But now they're saying I'm too young.

Ty for everything



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