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any help or advice?

hi, im 25 ive had lots of problems with my periods since I started them at 11,

I was diagnosed with endo at 21 when I had emergency surgery with a ruptured cyst on my ovary when they opened me up they found I was riddled with endo. the operation left me with a 11inch scar going down my abdomen, I was told then I could not conceive. since then I have had numerous laporoscopys for endo removal and cysts.

the pain is and always has been horrendous,ive been on opiates, gabapentin, patches and mefanamic acid none of which seems to help. ive been on zolodex and prostap injections also.

I had my last laporoscopy in august of last year where they removed my right ovary and tube and are now telling me to try for a baby? I find this so confusing.

I saw my specialist last month and was told that the endo is now on my spine im in constant pain and my right leg just doesn't seem to work its painful I cant get up or move around by myself anymore, im getting so low with it all and so frustrated. anyone in same boat? or able to offer any advice would be greatfully received.

thankyou x

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Hi, I don't know if this help in any way but in your place I would go for a second opinion.Did you had a RMI? My husband had a surgery on his spine for his disc that has been replaced as pain was so severe that couldn't walk on his leg.Now is all fine.As for other symptom I had been abroad for so many tests and been givin treatment for a infection even I am suspect of endo I am now much better.The only thing I have to say recently apart many herbal treatment that I had is changing my diet help a lot.hope you find the help that you need


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