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umbilical endometriosis

I recently got diagnosed with umbilical endometriosis after a long slog. I have also been treated for infertility and about to start my first cycle of ivf. Since having my operation 3 weeks ago the growth gas returned. I hear having the endometriosis in my belly button is rare but is it normal to return after surgury? I have not any further investigations to see where else I may have it. But I presume as it's in my belly button that's it's not the only place or will be? Any thoughts advise are welcome.

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Wow! I am so pleased someone else has this type of endo. I was diagnosed in 2012 but have never found anyone else with the same endo.

I have not had any surgeries to remove mine yet as it was controlled using Cerezette - However, symptoms have recently come back. I too am very worried about the ability to conceive and find it hard as the docs don't know what to do - As with any endo.

When I had a biopsy done to diagnose me they took lumps that had formed around my belly button and for a good 2 years I experienced discharge and bleeding from the same area if I was having symptoms so that is one reason I have not gone down the surgery route.

Although I have only been diagnosed with umbilical endo I experience frequent water infections, upset tummy, sickness, back and leg pain to name a few which leads me to believe it is elsewhere also.

Saying that though, as you have had surgeries, would the docs have seen if it was elsewhere?



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