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Long periods (TMI)

Hi. So I have always had infrequent periods I have just usually associated them with the end of the month but it always changed from time to time I have never followed a routine. I also have different types of periods sometimes very light sometimes medium.

However this period is the one that has caused me concern. When it started it was almost clear with bits of light brown in it also. Not as clumps just mixed as clear and light brown. This was I think for around 4 days. Then it started to be a thick brown which I have experienced before and know that it is completely normal and understand why it happens. Then it progressed to bleeding but the deepest red i have ever seen and heavy for around 2 or maybe more days. Although on the sanitary towel it was dark red/ brown when i wiped twice it became a light red like normal blood. It has now been 9 days aprox and it has gone back the the clear and brown although it looks like there are little strands in this now. (I know TMI but i just need advice)

Couple more background bits, I am sexually active although only with one person who is my boyfriend of 2 years. We also always use protection. I have experience very large mood swings, and been very tired although the tired part may be due to lifestyle factors. I have had very bad lower back pain although that is a common period pain for me. I also feel bloated or as if i have put on weight. I just want to know is this bad enough to go to the doctors with or if anybody knows what is happening or have experienced this themselves i would love to know and hopefully you can help me.

Many thanks.

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