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Severe endo amongst other issues :(

Im writing this post to see if there is anyone out there who may be i. A same or similar issue as mine i've got severe endo severe adhesions history of pid bla bla bla but want to know if anyone out there has had a child with the severity of my problems the surgeons and docs have also said that my tubes are highly likey are not working 😔 im 26 this year btw

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Hello, I have severe endo and huge amounts of adhesions. I tried to concieve naturally for 2 years before having IVF...I became pregnant on first IVF cycle and am now at 25 weeks. I'm 32.

There are lots of others who have became pregnant with severe endo on the forum, some like me with some help. There is always hope no matter how bad it seems. Xx


I have been told aswell tht my tubes are likely blocked aswell but was wondering if its still possible to concieve as im only 25 xx


They can do a test called hsg that uses dye to check ur tubes for blockages. If ur tubes are badly damaged you could try IVF. You are still young and every chance of becoming pregnant, if you struggle to concieve naturally there are lots of options available to you, not just IVF, you shod ask your doc about this, even if you're not ready for children yet x


I was going to have that done but when i relocated the gyne said that they wpnt do that anymore ive been trying to conceive for over 5 yrs now n ahd no luck but a miscarriage x


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