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Pain after Surgery

Evening lovely ladies,

i was hoping to get some advice as i'm not sure where to go from here.

I had a laparoscopy done a few weeks ago and had adhesions and cysts removed. I was on sick leave for 3 weeks and i am now back in work on reduced hours.

i had my post operative check up with the gynaecologist today and explained that i was still feeling tired and experiencing similar pain that i had before the lap. It can be sharp pain on my sides or pelvic pain but there's no pattern as to when and how often i get it. My gynea said this is probably due to the fact that my body is still healing or there was endo still there that he couldn't see but he seems to think it's unlikely either way there's not a lot he can do about it at the moment.

I'm slightly concerned as i didn't think the pain would last this long. I'm trying to get back to normal as the gyneas advised but it's hard work. How long should i wait before going back to the gynea if I'm still in pain? Also has anyone tried a tens machine for pain relief instead of medication? My gynea has advised me to try it as he doesn't want me to be on medication long term

Thanks all xx

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Hi hun.

I was told that it takes about 6-8 weeks to be fully recovered from a laparoscopy.

I didn't start to feel anywhere near to normal for about 4 weeks and then I was still really tired and could feel that I was still healing.

It really could be that you are still healing still hun, but if you are in significant pain it could be that you have gone back to work to soon hun?

I think if you get to the 8 weeks and you are still feeling this pain I would definately say you need to be sent back to a endometriosis specialist.

Was your endo removed by a specialist in endo on the Bsge list in a endometriosis centre?

I have used Tens with medication when pain has been uncontrolled and found that it can be helpful some times but not all of the time, it may be worth a try though hun.

I'm sure they don't want you on medication longterm but if you are in significant pain it needs to be kept under control.

I hope some of this may help.

Jo xx



I also had a lap nearly 4 weeks ago to remove adhesions and cysts on my ovaries and am still in pain and feeling exhausted a lot of the time. I think because it was a lap we think it should be a quicker recovery as there's no big incision but what they actually did inside you was a shock to the body and it takes longer to heal than we think. I would say give it a few more weeks and if you still have as much pain then go back to your consultant. Try and take it easy and maybe if you can take a few more days off work. It's really hard dealing with pain and tiredness all the time but you were brave to go through with the surgery. Be kind to yourself. I really hope you are feeling better soon.

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Hi - did you read my reply to your previous post? If you are still experiencing symptoms after 3 months or so you should request referral to a specialist centre. We already established that it is your left side involved which is most usually indicative of endo in a hidden place called the pouch of douglas and the surgeon himself admits he has probably left deeper endo in. You have a centre in Cardiff and women are also getting referrals over the border in England. x


Hi lindle,

thanks for that to be honest i had forgotten about your previous reply (apologies for that!).I might wait a little longer just be sure before going back but i'm a little frustrated that the gynea didn't seem to take it seriously as trying to get back to normal when i'm still dealing with pain is difficult but again like he said im probably still in the recovery stage at the moment. He didn't mention the pouch of douglas to as a possible endo site as he's a gyno with a special interest in endo so i don't think he's listed as a specialist. he doesn't believe there's any endo left as he was quite thorough.


Hi again - what aroused my suspicions is that he has just removed cysts (which I assume were endometriotic cysts and not normal ones) and adhesions but it would be unusual to have just endometriomas and adhesions without endo elsewhere. And the fact that he said there may be endo he couldn't see. A skilled excision surgeon wouldn't say that. If you pm me his name and hospital we can check how specialised he is. x


hmm according to my partner who came with meto the consultation i had a large cyst on my fallopian tube on the left handside which wasn't endometriotic and i had thickened endo in the ovarian fossa on both sides but was worse on the left he did say that if this had been left much longer it would have developed into

a chocolate cyst. I have asked him to clarify the part about endo left behind because even to me it sounded odd. I'll tell you his name


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