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FINALLY!!! I am seeing an Endo Specialist!

So moving on from my first post - I saw that Gynae and they were absolutely useless!! I knew more about Endometriosis then they did. I was horrified at the responses I was getting from her - I don't think that it is, your pain isn't bad enough!! Hello - Endo doesn't neccesarily cause huge pain but pain when opening your bowels isn't normal (it only happens when I'm on my period). Constipation isn't normal, neither is nearly contstant nausea! I have been to a gastroenterologist and they have tested me for everything under the sun. I've had countless blood tests ranging from full screen to all of the Hepetitis infections and even HIV! FFS!! one good thing is that she sent me for a new ultrasound as my last one was 10 months ago. I went for that and the results came back that my ovaries look healthy (great) but they are fixed (not so great!).

I left that appointment disappointed and upset as I had waited so long to see them and for nothing.. I immediatly researched specialist clinics and (hurrah) found there are quite a few in the London area!

I booked an appointment with my GP and begged her to write me up a referral to this specialist... and I waited..... and waited and waited.... finally this weekend I got a letter inviting me to an appointment on the 6th of August (wonderful - only a 2 week wait).

So now I'm as excited as a kid on christmas eve waiting for this appointment... Sad isn't it but hospitals have become a very big part of my life now.

I can't wait to see someone who won't (hopefully) try to brush things under the carpet and fob me off with more tests... I'm hoping that they will schedule me for surgery fairly soon. I had all but given up hope of having surgery this side of my wedding but this breakthrough has brightened up my view a little more now - you never know! fingers crossed for some sort of resolution (I have been suffering now for 14 months).

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