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Is there anyway to control endo with herbal medicenes? Desperate to come of this pill and try the natural way! Any advice greatly appreciate

I would love some advice on what herbal medicenes to take as have read up on a few things but keep reading different things so feel a bit confused now. I hate taking the pill it does nothing for me other than stop the bleeding I'm still in a lot of pain daily and have a lot of problems with my bowels and bladder. Desperate to try something more natural x

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Hi hun.

Sorry to hear that the contraceptive pill isn't helping your symptoms.

There is a book I read recently by Lara Briden it's called the period repair manual, it's amazing book she suggests supplements to treat endometriosis and I have found it really helpful.

It may be worth reading hun, I highly recommend it.

Jo xx


Thank you so much I will have a look on google now I look forward to reading it nikki x


That's ok.

I hope it helps there is a whole section on Endometriosis and the treatment thar she advises as a naturopath.

I have seen a difference on my periods since I started taking theses supplements I used to have 5 days of heavy bleeding and pain and since taking theses supplements I have 2 DAYS with bleeding and pain and the other is minimal spotting with slightly crampy tummy, and I have endo and Adenomyosis.

I hope it helps you, it really has helped me xx


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