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Is this a flare up??

I'm 9 weeks post partial excision surgery with novasure. The first 3 weeks were bliss, no pain, no bladder/bowel etc symptoms but gradually all the symptoms are creeping back. I started feeling ill on Wednesday last week, pain, dizzy, neausea, bladder frequency, painful bowel movements, painful sex and generally down and anxiety creeping in. I was due to ovulate on Saturday and when I woke up I had the most terrible cramps/pain in my left side (I always suffer from right sided pain). I took Wednesday afternoon and Thursday off work (I don't work Fridays). I'm back at work to tie up any loose ends but taking the rest of the week off. I'm sick of battling on and promised myself after surgery not to take too much on and admit when I was struggling.

I sent a urine sample away last week to see if there is an infection (I'm sure there's not) but just wondered if this is a flare up? I hear it mentioned a lot. My GP is reluctant to do anything until I've had my 3 month follow up with the consultant.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi, I had surgery in Novenber and I had a few set backs after it , the first one at 6 weeks and another one at 9 weeks and last one at 13 weeks. In all cases it happen after l have done some excessive physical effort for a period of time ( travelling & moving houses). Have you done anything out of the ordinary? It could take a while to fully heal inside, in my case after I stopped overdoing it , the symtoms settle down every time and I am still pain free 8 months on. Hope you feel better soon x


Wow! Wonderful to hear you are pain free. I did some gardening on Thursday maybe that contributed. I tend not to overdo it too much as I am still suffering with fatigue. thanks for the info x


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