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Help me answer some questions please :(

Hi there, I've suffered with painful heavy periods since I was 13. Over the years it has progressively got worse, to pain in my thighs where I can't walk, pain in my back, migraines, etc. I have a ultrasound on Thursday to investigate more to see if I have endometrious, but this last three menstrual periods, I have had severe upper stomach cramps in my intestines well that area. Is this another symptom? I honesty feel like I'm going to pass out from the pain, its so scary, I've never felt this inadequate before, even walking to make myself a drink I'm keeled over.

Many thanks

Undiagnosed suffering with something :(

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Hi sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Ultrasound will not be able to detect endometriosis, it will show cysts or chocolate cysts which is a sign of endo. If your ultra sound comes back clear don't let them fob you off, my ultra sound was clear and it turned out I had quite severe endo.

Check with your GP about the upper tummy cramps, I have pain just below my rib cage on the right but not sure what it is yet.

Best of luck x


Hi I get exactly what you're describing,it's as if my body can't digest food and swells under my rib cage during or just before my period which is uncomfortable and often painful. Seems worseif I'm at work at a desk all day.My doc thought it was a gluten allergy but it wasn't and I don't think it is either.I'm currently being described as possibly suffering endometriosis. The symptoms you're describing started in my late 20s although odd bowel movements and bads periods have been happening for a long time before that.I'm sorry I don't have any answers but when I read your post it was a relief to see someone else who gets it, if nothing else you're not alone.Check out your local GPs specialisms,even if it means moving doctors surgeries and get yourself booked in.That's what I eventually did and although I'm still learning I'm glad I did and was lucky to get one who'd studied gyny.

Good luck!


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