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Hopes shot!!!

Hiya guys,

In September I had my cyst and endometriosis removed after Christmas I began too lose weight and change my eating habits i began too fell great but Easter i had a nasty water infection which brought on my periods hurt so much they thought my cyst had come back, so while waiting too go back to the hospital i hit the gym hard then 3months ago i was in shock cause i actually fell pregnant i was so excited but unfortunately on attending a scan i discovered they couldn't find a heartbeat i lost the baby last week i had an operation too removed the pregnancy sack so off course am bleeding wait till my period to try again, i past a huge clot at the weekend and before the operation i was told i may have another cyst or endometriosis has come back so i need too see if i have any more problems, am writing this seeing if anyone has experienced anything like this i can have children my daughter is 12 am just scared off trying again cause i can't go though that again but i know i have too brave and try so if anyone can help me or share they experiences of course if your up too it as i know its a very sensitive subject xx so i will add sorry if i upset anyone by writing this x

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