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Flaxseed can help

Hi ladies, I have been using flaxseed to help control my hormones and endo since 2013. I was advised by a dietician to try this as there are studies showing the positive use of it in women with endo. Anything is worth a shot right? Well it's helped me a lot. I don't understand the science behind it but it regulated my periods after using it in food daily (1 table spoon a day). Please look into how food can help your endometriosis as well has meds. The food we eat now days has a massive impact on our hormones for various reasons. By being more aware of the food I eat I have also noticed a reduction in how often I am unwell (low immune system due to endo). The good thing is even if you just give it a bash for 6 months you've not lost anything xx

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Hi I totally agree with you diet has a huge impact and anything is worth a shot.


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