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Hormone Help!!


I was diagnosed last year (ages 22) after years of terrible periods. After my op I was put onto the mini pill to help control things.

Im not sure how linked it is but I suffer so bad with my hormones, i feel they control me! I've been put on Cerezatta pill which is meant to stop periods to therefore help my endo, however, i keep spotting and bleeding to the point where i had a period every other week! With this, my hormones are everywhere. I want to cry sometimes and worry about everything, to the point where I panic about my relationship and just EVERYTHING. As soon as I come off my period, things seem better. Therefore, my overthinking (which makes me feel metal) is directly linked with hormones.

I just wanted advice on ANY supplements or treatment you may have used that helped with hormonal moods and anxiousness? I currently take vitamin B6 and Evening Primrose Oil.

Thanks in advance! x

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I'm like you I've been going round in circles with what pill is right for me! I have been told I have strong hormones lol!

I have been on Yasmin and microgynon and had zoladex injections too but not one of them has done what it is meant to (stopping my periods) I'm at my wits end!!

All I can say is just keep going back to your GP or Gyne until you find the right one for you! Some of my pills literally sent me loopy and into a manic depression but stopped my periods and others I was really happy on but still had horrendous periods! I'm still trying to find out what's best for me!

You know in yourself what is best for your body and if in doubt ask questions and ask for other options until you find the right one!

Your pill is obviously not working for you so try another? It could be the godsend you've been asking for! Don't be scared to be on the 'professionals' case!

Good luck xx


Hiya, just a few questions. During your lap was it just diagnostic or was the endo actually treated? If it was treated did they excise the endo or did they burn it off? The gold standard treatment for endo is excision surgery by a specialist.

I've been doing a bit of research into the pill as treatment for endo recently. All the top endo specialists believe that if the endo has been properly removed and your pain was caused by endo in the first place you really shouldn't still be experiencing problems with endo. BCPs should then only be used if you want to control your periods by helping with uterine cramps and heavy bleeding but not to 'treat' endo.

How severe is your endo? I'm only saying all this as I know women can spend years on inadequate bcps and then find their endo has spread which makes future excision surgery trickier.

On the supplement note I take starflower oil, it is similar to EPO but has a higher concentration of the active ingredient.


I was diagnosed 10 years ago and have been put on an array of contraception to try to help. The mini pill/contraceptive pills never worked for me I was a crazy lady on them, an emotional wreck. I then had the marina coil, oh boy was I a loose cannon on that baby!! Then finally my area were trialling the implant. Amazing!!!! Stopped my periods with no side affects, I highly recommend it. I'm now on my second implant after having my son and although this time my periods haven't stopped they are not severe endo periods. I personally don't believe that stopping periods is the best way, there is a lot of evidence that the endometrial process actually happens before you see your period arrive. That week before the blood flows you probably experience all the period signs and horrible endo symptoms, that's when the endo could be taking place. Even when your periods are stopped this could happen because it's the hormones that control this and every woman has a different hormone balance. Xx


Hi. Cerezette was supposed the 'wonder pill' as they said it gave minimal side effects. One of my friends was a family planning/sexual health nurse and she raved about it. But for me it was the worst one I'd ever been on. I bled constantly for 9 months and it was getting heavier all the time. In the end I had say enough is enough and stopped taking it. You just have to try a few different pills to see which is right for you but I also agree that it really isn't much use as a treatment for more severe endo. Go back to your GP and see if you can get a different one that's more suited to you. Good luck. X


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