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At last I have been diagnosed with endo!

Hi all,

Just thought I would keep you updated as I had my second laparoscopy on friday.

After a very long and stressful 3 years, at last I have been diagnosed with endometriosis.

Strangely, I feel on top of the world even though I am very sore, bruised and in pain. I have an extra scar this time, but it was so worth it as my endo has been removed as much as my surgeon possibly could.

I feel a huge relief has been lifted from my shoulders, because I knew from day one endometriosis was the reason I was suffering from a long list of terrible symptoms. Like many stories I have heard, several GPs and consultants had fobbed me off with irritable bowel syndrome, and several other conditions that I knew weren't accurate diagnosis. I was determined to be proven right, and after a very long time and struggle - I got there and had the diagnosis.

The laparoscopy was a success, I was in theatre for 3 hours in total and also had the mirena coil fitted. My surgeon was unable to discuss the overall outcome of the investigation with me as he was very busy. However, after what seemed a long wait I spoke to my surgeon's colleague who assisted him during my lap. He reassured me that I would have a follow up appointment with my consultant in 8 weeks time to discuss the investigation thoroughly. He also stated that the endo was very hard to find, and that is why my first laparoscopy last year wasn't a success. He said that the endo has been removed as much as possible, but there is some small deposits of it left. I was still very sleepy from the anaesthetic at this time, but I am sure he mentioned that the endo was situated around my blood vessels (However I may have heard wrong) I will update you all when I have the follow up appointment.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me throughout my worries, concerns, and questions. At last I can move on with my life and begin to understand the condition, whilst learning about my body. My biggest fear has always been that I may not be able to have children. However, the surgeon stated the endo hadn't managed to stick any of my organs together yet which he claimed wouldn't be a problem when I try to have children. However, he said we will cross that bridge when we come to it. So, with that said I have made a promise to myself that I will begin to take each day as it comes and to not let myself worry over things that may be outside of my control. I have proven to myself that I am a strong person, and sometimes life doesn't always go the way you expect - but as the saying goes these things are sent to test us! and I knew one day I would get the diagnosis I had pushed so hard for, and I did!!!! :) I am still pinching myself to think this is real lol !!

One last thing, I do hope no one takes this post in the wrong way. It may seem stupid to some people that I actually sound happy. But I can assure you I am not happy I have endo, I am happy I had the diagnosis I worked so hard to get!! I know this condition will continue to always affect my life, but I am certain that my lovely family and friends will continue to support me as they have done so throughout the difficult times.

My biggest message to anyone that has had or is still having similar experiences to me is - PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!! God bless you all, and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Lots of love xxxxxxx

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Hi - I am so pleased that you finally have a positive result which it is what this is about. It will be relief you are feeling and a sense of finally being vindicated. That sounds a strange word to use but I think lot of women feel accused of imagining their symptoms and somehow to blame for a situation they find themselves in that they are somehow expected to explain to others when they have no explanation other than knowing they are ill. Finally you are free of all that and you can stand tall and claim your condition knowing that it was you who made this happen. I hope this will serve as message to all others fighting to be heard and will impress on everyone the importance of a first diagnositic lap being done by experts experienced enough to recognose endo rather than inexperienced general surgeons condemning so many to a diagnosis of 'you have no endo' when they do, leaving it to progress and them to fell utter helplessness as their symptoms continue. You deserve to be happy and are now in charge of your own body knowing you now have a specialist who will always listen to you. xx

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Amazing! And feeling happy to finally have a diagnosis is perfectly sane and Normal, I know I can relate :)

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