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Hi there, I had a 3 month dose injection of zolidex about 2 months ago. My specialist wanted to see if a hysterectomy would solve my 23 years of problems of pelvic pain, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. So we thought mimicking the proceedure would be a good tester. Hot flushes & broken sleep aren't a problem for me but I do have these massive tender breasts now, aching joints & period pain but I have no bleeding. Is this normal. What's you're experiences???

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Hi, I had my first zoladex injection yesterday (the 3.6mg that lasts 1 month)... Havnt had any side effects yet... But il let u know if I do x


I had my third injection yesterday, I had my period last month n should be due on now nothing has happened yet. It feels just like I will though. I'm the same.. Can cope with the hot flushes and sleep etc but been aching a lot this past week and still got the pains. Hopefully someone can tell us they got some relief a few months into it! X


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