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What are my next steps?

Hi all,

Hope everyone is coping with the weather!

Had diagnostic lap last week and just got copy of letter gynae sent to GP.


Retrovery uterus

No endo or adhesions

Cyst drained from right ovary was a simple cyst

Follow up as out patient in 4 months

Problem is I still have all the pain in my left side groin, pelvis and lower back.

Have appt booked with GP Monday but other than discussing BCP options, where do I go from here?

Any help appreciated!

Meech xx

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Hi Meech

It is unfortunately very common for endo to be missed at a lap done in general gynaecology and this can be one of the main reasons that women go on to have severe disease. You can have endo in a hidden place called the Pouch of Douglas deep behind the uterus that is often missed and can cause severe pain that is almost always on the left. A retroverted uterus is also often caused by this. Click on my name and look at my post on POD endo to see what you identify with and also my post on how to find a specialist. I should take copies to your GP and tell him/her that you still have the same symptoms and you want a referral to an endo centre for a second opinion. The chances are that your GP will not know about the centres but these have been put in place because it is acknowledged that endo is frequently missed in general gynaecology.

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Hi Lindle

Thanks for your reply.

That was my thinking too but was starting to feel like so many others who are told the pain is in their head

Almost seemed like the gynae expected to find cysts and she was only interested in anything that supported her theory of PCOS.

I have been reading your posts and comments to others and it's this knowledge and support that keeps me going and knowing I'm not going mad!

Meech xx


Hi Meech - yes, a lot of general gynaes seem only to look at the reproductive organs. I find it hard to believe these days that they really do believe those are the only places to have endo but maybe they do. x

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Hi you must be so frustrated. I had a scan yesterday for similar symptoms as you but nothing found. Lindle hope you don't mind but I'm going to read abou POD on your profile too. I wonder how receptive GPs are to referring people after diagnostic tests are clear. Best of luck Meech.



And to you Donna!

My GP has been brilliant so far - just hoping that continues



I'm lucky that ours here are v good.

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