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so a lot of people on this site might remember my blog that I had for a while...and then I hit a major spell of depression and dropped off the radar. I have now come out of hiding with more stories, advice, and with a drive so strong that I am really proud of myself. Everything for the past 2 months has knocked me down...and I am finally able to pick myself back up again. I hope taht everybody on here has been well and will support my new return.

xo Jessica


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Hi Jessica,

DEPRESSION, what have you been doing to make yourself feel better.

I can't cope anymore, my days feel like hell, I feel I'm going to lose everything and everyone. Sorry to sound so desperate but in all honesty that's how I feel desperate 😢


There isn't just one thing that I did...and to be honest I had a terrible day today and everything that i had been feeling came back. I found that doing simple things like changing what you eat, going for walks if only just to get out of the house, and having a hobby really work for me. I also realized that when i get depressed I tend to hate the things that I used to love...Like reading, painting, and cooking. So i also try to do some of the things that I know i love because they will in the end make me feel better. Its really hard to force yourself to do things that you love but its the most important.

I hope some of this helps you at least a little.My blog has some more posts about depression if you want to read them, they might also help, or atleast make you feel not so alone :)

If you need someone to talk to I also have a private email through my blog you can email anytime: myendomylife@gmail.com


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