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Hiya ladies. I've been really struggling to find find some exercises that I can commit to and will be gentle enough on my hip, back and stomach pain. I found that going out of my way to go swimming just didn't work for me as I would be so exhausted after work I just wanted to go home. I then looked into yoga and found a Facebook and youtube yoga page that is specifically for endo pain. It's been really helpful for me as it's gentle on my hips and I can do it in my own time at home. I thought it would be helpful for others so here's the link!


I hope this helps someone! X

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Thank you so much for that. x


You're welcome! x


Cheers for this! I've been looking for something like this for ages :)


You're welcome! I'm glad it's helpful :) x


I go to an Iyengar yoga course locally and I find it really helpful. I told the teacher about my disease and he adjusts what I do so that it is safe and helpful for me. I would really recommend that. The big Doris Kindersley book on BKS Iyengar Yoga is amazing. I would recommend that, too. The back section has poses for all kinds of ailments. Follow the exercises for period pains during your period. It is restorative yoga that allows the body to calm, rest and gently moves on stagnation. Avoid inversions (backbends of any sort) and twists generally. He has me doing a shoulderstand (supported by a chair) every day - says it is really important that I do this - for my immune system and thyroid to balance hormones and to heal. I really can't recommend other forms of yoga. Iyengar requires practitioners to work in a very particular, detailed, way and requires years of training. Other yoga trainers might not have that level of training.


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