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Ladies sorry to put this on so early in the morning😕 has anyone experienced this problem? I have noticed these past few days I have been for a wee and have felt like it has all finished got up off the toilet pulled up my clothes...gone to sit down and I am sopping wet its awful...I don't even feel it coming out...there was a mention in my gynie diagnostic lap findings report that there endo on my bladder but didn't say how much...is it the severity of the endo that could be doing this? It's such an embarrassment 😞

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Yes I have also had this its horrible I also have random leaks and feeling like I haven't emptied properly. I'm awaiting my lap on the 13th of July and my gynae said they will see what they find then and maybe discuss a second surgery for a bladder biopsy. I've read women say before that this could be symptoms of bladder biopsy best person to ask would be liddle she's very helpful and knowledgeable. Hoping you feel better soon xx


Hi there I do believe this will be related to the endo part if it is on your bladder.i went the other way & now cannot wee without self catheterisation.please push for a referral. I left it too late :-( good luck in the future x


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