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Pain back

Hi,everyone had a laproscopy on 9 march,my ovarian cst was removed from my left side,every thing was fine but this month period was very bad. Heavy bleeding and same old pain but this was during ovulation time.

Don't understand what to do,I did had a follow up appointment but that time every thing was fine so I was discharge.The most upsetting thing is the consultant didn't send any information to my GP about my operation ,no discharge letter nothing.I don't understand what to do I am in so much pain,can anyone over here help me please,does any experiencing same like me,can anyone guide me what should I do further.

One of my friend told me to go for merina coil,I not sure will fitting this will take my pain away???

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Hi, I would say get in contact with your consultant secretary, explain what is happening, if they tell you to go back to Gp, then request a operation report and tell her that gp is telling you that they have nothing on your op or discharge

Good luck xxx


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