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Interesting Saturday night!

Interesting Saturday night!

Well what a fab Saturday I had. Had severe lower right groin pain throughout the day Saturday and in the end called 111. I got an appointment to see the out of hours gp at 11.50pm. Went there and he thought I might have appendicitis so I was sent up to a ward and admitted. Had bloods done, chest and abdomen Xrays and was examined by a surgeon who ruled out appendicitis and referred me to a gynae doctor. After being prodded and poked they sent me home yesterday with Codeine phosphate and have referred me for an urgent scan which will be in the next 2 weeks, then I have my follow up gynae appointment 2nd June after my laparoscopy in February. The discharge letter says,

R/o ovarian cyst accident but clinically not ovarian torsion. Can anyone explain to me what this means, because I'm still not clear on what happened. Sorry for the long post x x


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