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Can't decide on full or partial hysterectomy!

Hi, any advice very welcome. I'm

Having a hysterectomy in 2 weeks snd have to decide whether to keep an ovary or not. I'm 46.

My doctor wants to do a full hysterctomy with accompanying endo excision( he's experienced). My huge worry is headaches. I've been on prostap with oestrogen patches as ad-back for 3 months while I wait for the op and I'm

Experiencing horrible headaches. I get hormonal migraines on normal

Cycle anyway, but much worse since prostap. Does this mean that I might be very prone in menopause? I'm really scared of no way back and loving inmigraine land! My gut says keep an ovary but don't want to reactivate endo or worry about ovarian cancer risk. Endo nurse told me that later oopherectomy if neded could be complicated. Sorry for long post but feelong very anxious.

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I just had my hysterectomy with more endo removal on April 15th.

My obgyn lied to me at the time of surgery and said "we" had decided that I was getting a complete hysterectomy (which is removal of uterus and cervix) plus my fallopian tube on the left side. When all my visits said I was to get a partial hyst. I was worried about my sexual health and having my bladder drop at some point with a complete hyst because many sources say that the cervix holds things up.

I had told her all along I was keeping my remaining ovary, as I was too far from menopause, and it is very bad for me to have HRT ( I am allergic to soybeans which is a normal ingredient in HRT. I also can't handle synthetic estrogen). She told me that if they didn't find anything wrong with my ovary, she would keep it. I told her short of it exploding, I wanted to keep it. Luckily for me it was perfectly fine.

I looked it up after my surgery was done, and found that it can be better in the long run for removing the whole uterus (cervix included). Because you can get 'mini periods'. Endo and/or the uterus cells that bleed each period can be left in the cervix. So if you were trying to stop the horrid bleeding each period, you have a chance of still bleeding after a partial.

My obgyn said it was a trade off for me to leave my ovary. I won't be in menopause, but leaving it still gives my endo food to grow. I decided to deal with the endo. Which if she removed it all, I shouldn't have a problem...... But I am a realist about it, as she wasn't able to remove all of it last time.

Maybe depending on how complicated it is, removing your remaining ovary shouldn't be too complicated. I had my right ovary and tube removed last year, and had the right one removed AGAIN this year. My whole surgery in April took 1 hour I was told.

Good luck with what you decide. Be sure to do your homework. And a wonderful hysterectomy site is Hystersisters.com Anything you can think of is pretty much answered on there.


It is such a big decision to make isn't it? I had become so low with the continuous pain I was in my decision came suddenly one day to have a total hysterectomy as I was too worried about endo returning if I left an ovary. I also had a bowel resection because of the endo damage and can honestly say I feel great now 10 weeks on. My consultant started me on HRT the day after my op and was keen to remind me we can try different varieties of HRT if I'm not suited to it, but luckily so far all is good. I hope you come to the right decision for you. Good luck x


I didn't have a choice about keeping my ovaries as they were covered in chocolate (bleeding) cysts. I was 36 at the time. They gave me implants every six months containing natural oestrogen. When I got to 46 I went on oestrogen only pills. I recovered from the operation and had no more endo problems.


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