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Endo and Smear

Hi ladies. I had a diagnostic lap April 16th and had a smear while under GA. All I know so far is I do have endo but not sure of any details of it until my follow up appointment this Wednesday 13th. I have received my smear results by post and it says 'The cervical smear you had taken on 16.04.2015 has been reported as inadequate', and says I need another one in 3 months time. This was my first smear as I have never been able to have one in the Drs because of the pain.

I wanted to ask you all whether I can ask for the next smear to be done under GA? I feel like I'm a nuisance that I would need GA just for something which takes 2 minutes but I know I would not be able to have it done otherwise. That's why I had it done the same time as my lap.

Just wondered if I should mention it to the Dr when I get my full lap results on Wednesday and ask about having it done in the hospital? X

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I'm really not sure about a ga for a smear all I can say is I've always found any intern earl absolutely unbearable .

The last smear I had was with the doctor she was so kind and patient she tried a smaller speculum what they use to open the cervix they do come in different sizes as we are all different and it made a huge difference she also gave me some diazepam to take before hand and again this helped because ai was so stressed about it because of how painful they are and stress doesn't help the pain .

All of this May be worth a try .

try and have a chat with a gp who you trust.

All the best


Thanks mablesky for your reply. Did you have your smear done by a GP or gynae Dr? The smears are done by the Nurse in my surgery so I didn't know whether I could ask my GP if he could do it as I feel more comfortable if he would do it, as the Nurse wasn't very gentle and decided to use the biggest speculum even though I told her it was painful down below etc.


Sorry for late reply

I initially saw the nurse who I have to say was vile I don't usually say things like that about professionals I see but it was awful she then referred me to our one and only female doctor who was lovely and a gp but I had a double appointment at the end of the day and the whole experience was bearable not pain free but much better

Not sure if it's too late but. I hope you can get a more compfortable experience


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