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hi again

right I need some advice, im in pieces this week, pains are getting worse, and feeling more and more sick, ive got endo and adeno and am waiting for hysterectomy, mr doctor I say my I mean any doctor that happens to be working, I never get the same doc, sai yesterday that there is nothing else he can do/give me, im on mst 12 hour tabs, was on 20 mg twice aday, I myself have decided to double my evening dose this week after not being able to get app with doc, and now he is saying I can up then to 30mg twice, that's it, its not reaching the pain,

now my question is, if I go to A & E what will happen, I don't want an hysterectomy with any other doc surgeon than how im under now, so would they offer me a hysterectomy or just get pain down and send me on my way

sorry if ive rambled im getting myself in a pickle

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I'm sorry your in so much pain. I can't offer too much advice but would it be worth phoning or getting an emergency appointment with your GP and asking if they can refer you as an urgent case to Gynecology dept? My doctor did this for me a few weeks ago when I was in agony. Dr phoned Gynecology and I was seen at the hospital within an hour, which would be quicker than a and e.

Unfortunately the consultant that I had been seeing at the hospital for endo was away but they did offer to admit me overnight to run tests and get my pain under control, which it sounds like you need.

I think if my consultant had been there, she might have seen me.

From my understanding they don't like to switch patients when they are already under the care of a consultant so it might be that you could get to see your consultant sooner and that they might offer you the chance of bringing your op forward.

Do you have a date for your hysterectomy? Another option might be phoning your consultants secretary and asking if they could make an appointment for you to see him/her again to discuss pain relief.

It doesn't seem right that you are in so much pain and having to up the dose of pain relief yourself!

Good luck



Thank you for your reply, if it dosnt calm down abit I will have to think of something, I'm just scared that the hospital will get a general surgeon to do op, ive got endo as well and my surgeon will excuse anything he finds as well, shouldn't find anything in reality because ive just had lap 7 weeks ago, but you never no, and a genral surgeon won't look,

Ion I don't no just confused and p&&& off



Im exactly the same as u im waiting for a diagnostic lap im in agony and feel so sickly with the pain.

Im so tempted to go to a&e but i want a professional to do my lap and im scared just any1 will.

My ap isnt until wnd of june i cant wait till then i know i cant.

I really hope ur ok its so horrible.

Im starting to worry about cancer and all sorts ️xxxx


They would only try to reduce ur pain but in a nurse n to be honest the other nurses they out understand I would say stay at home n take regular pain relief n go through your gp as the nurses won't give u as much pain relief as what you are giving yourself I know from experience unless you think it's anything different from your normal endo pain I would wait it out to see your gp and get them to sort your pain relief out xxx


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