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Hi, I'm new to this but looking for some advice, I've had endo now for 10 years as well as cysts on my ovaries and after a sub total hystorectomy and 4 lap I'm finally getting all taking away. But while I'm waiting on my Mri scan to see how bad my bowel, bladder and overies are stuck together I've been given prostap injections. I'm just wondering how long it takes before it starts working cos for the past 2 weeks I've been suffering with the pains, tiredness, feeling sick etc really bad and the thought of spending more time in bed just makes me want to cry, I just want to live a normal life!!!

Sorry for the moaning!!!!

Sarah xx

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Hi Sarah, I'm in exactly the same position as you, I had a sub total ast year, they left my cervix due to severe dense adhesions fusing it to my bladder. I had an MRI in march which shows I have a lesion on my cervix and scarring around both ovaries causing the right one to fuse to my bowel. I have been on prostap for 12 months whilst I the. Team of surgeons decide the best way to remove everything and so I understand how you feel. It can, unfortunately take as long as 2 months to start to work where as in the meantime it can cause an increase in symptoms. Please hang in there as once it starts to work you will feel much better. Love Heidi xx


Hi - you can have more pain for 3 weeks or so as actually you produce more oestrogen by what's called the flare effect before it reduces. What matters with you after 4 laps is that you are being seen by the right people. Are you being dealt with in an endo centre?


Hi lindle, I am getting seen to at the endo centre thank god cos I wasnt getting anywhere with any of the gyny doctors and thanks Heidi it's nice to know I'm not the only one going thru this even its not nice what where going thru!!

Love Sarah xx


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